Over 1000 published studies providing evidence that the c0v1d injections are DANGEROUS

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Over 1000 published studies provide evidence that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are DANGEROUS
“Pin pricks themselves may be deemed safe” however everything else may not be, according to these 1,000 scientific studies listed above, and the thousands more.
These studies don’t address any of the consistently documented (5-20 year studies) concerning the “long term effects” in any way whatsoever. For example 100% of the animal studies showed 100% of the animals die early deaths from massive auto-immune disorders after receiving similar types of coronavirus vaccine injections in the “safety studies”.
Because of the 100% consistent failure on the safety front, these never were approved past the animal trials stages to be experimented on humans. These “long term safety risks” became the liability of those receiving the injection as a willful volunteer. Pfizer normally goes bankrupt after getting FDA approvals so we’ll have to see. For now they gave coronavirus and mrna past failed products a new name and let the safety tests go in a rollout during the emergency. However the “long term effects” will only be known by those volunteering before the 7 years studies are completed.