75% of Grain to be Replaced by Toxic GMO Cancer Causing “soy” Frankenstein Food Ingredients.

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With more than half the world grain supply blown away this year, dependence on hormone replacement / castration ingredients (like GMO soy) is set to expand by 10x. If you thought the 14,000% increase in sexual (gender confusion) dysphoria among youth over the last 10 years was something, that’s nothing compared to the “final solution” engineered by the green war criminals (billionaire elite).

Russia and Ukraine supplied nearly 1/3 of the world’s grain supply. Also as the main provider of fertilizer this accounts for more than half of the rest of the world grain supply. Now since farmers can’t (or can’t afford to) get fertilizer most won’t do a crop altogether, making who knows, 75% of the grain supply gone.

Many of those grain products are used for cattle, thus driving up those costs also. Now instead of people deciding to grow their own, probably they go into more toxic gmo soy to get their hormones boosted higher than the sex change drugs. GMO SOY is the leading cause of cancer, it’s also used as an ingredient together with the most well known cancer causing frankenstein foods.

KFC says on their website that about 45% of their Chicken Strips are GMO Soy.

Burger King’s “Impossible Whopper”, made of GMO Soy, has 18 million times as much estrogen as their other burgers of the same size.

These levels of estrogen are at the levels of transgender drugs, or at least at the level of Nuremberg war crimes of “medical experiments” done on unwanted populations. If going unchecked or even endorsed by state medical or FDA departments, this could be shown in court to amount to a forced “chemical castration” of various segments (the uneducated) of society, as they do so unknowingly.

It’s not too late to start your own home farm. That’s what we encourage everyone to do. God Bless you


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