Greswell’s “Chapters on the Early History of Glastonbury Abbey” (Glastonbury’s Kings)

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“Chapters on the Early History of Glastonbury Abbey” by Rev. William Greswell is a detailed exploration of the origins and development of Glastonbury Abbey, a holy site of the Culdees, steeped in history and legend. Greswell’s work delves into the abbey’s connections to early Christianity, its significance in the Celtic Church, and its associations with historical and legendary figures. The book is structured into chapters that cover various aspects of the abbey’s history, from its geographical setting and architectural features to its royal connections and religious significance.

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Highlighted chapter by O.C.C.: “Kings of Glastonbury Abbey


Rev. William Henry Parr Greswell (1765–1854), the author, was a clergyman and bibliographer known for his contributions to the study of history and literature. He served as the incumbent of Denton near Manchester and was recognized for his scholarly works, including biographies and historical texts,_1885-1900/Greswell,_William_Parr. His writings often reflect a deep engagement with the subjects he studied, offering insights into the cultural and religious life of the periods he explored. The book “Chapters on the Early History of Glastonbury Abbey” is a testament to Greswell’s interest in the mystical and historical aspects of Glastonbury, providing readers with a comprehensive look at the abbey’s storied past. It’s a valuable resource for those interested in the intersection of history, legend, and religion at one of England’s most enigmatic historical sites, as from