Bonus Book: “Anglo-Israel: or The British nation the lost tribes of Israel.”

Szerzyć miłość

We at the British Israel book club, (by St Andrew’s OCC) hope you enjoy spreading around this great truth of true Israel. Please find enclosed 1 more book of thousands on this British Israel topic. An irrefutable topic of absolute historical, spiritual and Bible truth, His servant race who would bless the world more than any other by carrying the Christian Bible and religion (which we would at home follow the best) “to the corners of the earth” “occupying four corners of the earth” as the Celto Saxon people do etc.

God promised the blessings will decrease whenever we rebel from His laws, because He loves us as His children. If we were not chastised then we are not sons destined for His glory. Only if we collectively confess our sins, and turn from our wicked ways, He will forgive, retract the invading punishers, and heal our lands.

We share truths that are so vital to unlock the Bible and understand current events in the time of which we live. As Christ said “keeping watch continually and praying that you may escape the things that come to pass”. Only a fool sees the calamity and goes on as if nothing needs to change. A wise man sees the problems and makes proper adjustment to his walk. For this we also have the Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies, for members to learn the diplomatic ways for remnant Christians to survive somewhere within the NWO empire in the critical times in which we live.

We feel led to send along another free bonus booklet for you to share with loved ones during this holiday season. So we are sending you this free BONUS British Israel book: Anglo-Israel: or The British nation the lost tribes of Israel- PDF.”

Knowledge is power and gives some direction how to pray. We offer the prayer tools as in our side panel at so you may pray kingdom prayers with us in unity in Christ. Christ gains us forgiveness from transgressions of sin, but may we learn to stay on His straight and narrow path. That is His same path of Nationalist and Personal laws He commanded for us to live long and prosperous lives to His glory.

For example, some wonder why anti-white hatred is the new status quo. Why in any major city of Germany it’s now dangerous for white people to go outside without being attacked by Black Muslims, etc. The hundreds of “no-go zones” from 10 years ago in Sweden and France seem to have spilled over. It says in the end times, 1/3 of our people die of plague and famine, 1/3 killed with the sword, and 1/3 held captive till the great trumpet. There will also be a tiny remnant of “Elijah people”, which is like Elijah, would miraculously live through on many miniature Mount Zions of protection, or like He was, living by a river in the wilderness.

Most say we make it through the tribulation living in places of safety. Not all will be so worthy to stand before Christ as the day of His coming, however that is to be our prayer. These truths are vital to understand prophecy and current events. It says “Keep watch at all times and pray that you may be counted worthy to escape the things that come to pass and that ye may stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:36). We keep a good feed of important news going, top stories from a dozen major sites are found at our news page:

So please enjoy today’s free book

Anglo-Israel: or The British nation the lost tribes of Israel- PDF.”

If you haven’t set up your local book club, please consider doing so. We have numerous British Israel books online There you may find our Spiritual support tools, as well as the signup page. You may wish to support or join for whichever reasons. There’s also an alternate way to more passively get these books and content by simply signing up for a membership on substack. That can be done rather than applying into our religious order. However it may be more worthwhile to support and advance our website for British Israelism.

In today’s book there are several great sections that make discussion points. For example the “contrasts” section, comparing between Judah and Israel. As we know, Judah barely shows up 30 times in the Old Testament, while Israel shows up 2,500 times in the Bible. Judah is never interchangeable with Israel. They remain two separate houses even after the new heavens and new earth!

Here’s another classic pamphlet that may go along with this one:

110 Marks of Israel, odnośniki biblijne identyfikujące różnicę między prawdziwym Izraelem (saksońskie chrześcijaństwo) a fałszywym (Idumea, lud przeklęty przez Boga)